Chris Wells

Born 28th June 1953, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

As a child, I learned woodworking skills from my father, while helping him to build wooden boats.

1978/79 Completed silversmithing apprenticeship with Frank Bauer at the Jam Factory Workshops, Adelaide.
1980-1990 Wooden boat building projects.
1991-Present Fulltime woodcarving and sculpture work.
Group exhibitions. Life drawing.
1997 Sculpture exhibition, Urbrae House, Adelaide.
2000-Present Private Sales & Commissions

Range of Work:

Torsos, bird forms, plant forms, heads, carved spoons, relief sculptures, hand-carved and decorated platters.
Wood: collected from woodpiles (pink gum and red gum),
discarded fence posts, driftwood

Handcarving with chisels, knives, axe, and small hand adze. Rasps, files, and rifflers used for refining work.

Finish: Oil or beeswax. Smooth surface, with textured areas providing contrast.
Inspiration: Natural forms. The wood itself.
Aim: To produce works of strength, beauty and simplicity